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    Default Why has Akshay Kumar taken to drinking?

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    Action star Akshay Kumar and his current leading lady Sonakshi Sinha who set the cash registers ringing at the box office with their livewire performances in Rowdy Rathore, have been engaged in a tiff lately. Akshay, who threw a grand bash on Sonakshi’s birthday recently, is now at the receiving end of the belle’s ire. Trouble has been brewing, quite literally, between the two co-stars.

    According to insiders, both stars who are fitness freaks and keep themselves up to date with the latest fads in health and well-being, have been seen squabbling over a new, particularly intriguing habit of Akshay’s. Apparently, Bollywood’s khiladi no.1 has taken to drinking! And that’s one habit Sonakshi, his co-star in two of his upcoming films totally and wholeheartedly disproves of. Now don’t get us wrong, Akshay’s still a teetotaler.

    Apparently, the action star’s been drinking cup after cup of tea during, between and after his shoots. A recent convert to tea-drinking, he instructs his trusted assistant to bring a whole flask of piping hot tea, to the sets every day. Akshay, who has a strictly regimented exercise routine that includes martial arts, jogging and swimming has now added not less than a couple of cups of tea to his schedule and insists that he is going to convert Sonakshi, into a die-hard tea drinker.

    Red hot Sonakshi, who set the silver screen afire in her Chhamak Chhallo Chhair Chhabilee avatar, on the other hand pooh poohs the idea and calls him crazy. She says, “Me and Akshay often exchange and share health and fitness tips, but this is crazy! He guzzles tea like he’s guzzling water and goes on and on about its health benefits…I don’t believe him at all! Once while shooting for a song, he dropped me in the middle of a step because he wanted his hourly fix of tea! Can you imagine that?” Akshay, in his defense, retorts, “ Arre bhai! You just wait and watch! This Khiladi never bogs down before a challenge. In no time, will I have her drinking masala chai out of a kulhar.”

    Well Akshay, we are willing to wait and watch!!!



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