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    Default Is Akshay afraid of pairing up with Deepika?

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    Akshay, Deepika

    After Chandni Chowk to Chinaís debacle, it was apparent that the much spoken about chemistry between Akshay and Deepika did no magic on the audience.This has made Akshay loose confidence in their pairing, according to some source. But now that their next movie House Full is already being shot in London.Deepika, however, is confident on their pairing in the forthcoming film. She states ďIf that was true you think he would be doing another film with me at this moment? I donít think thereís any formula for success.

    The failure of China Chowk to China didnít affect me. Of course, considering the effort we all put in I was upset. I guess hard work isnít enough. But I learnt a few skills during Chandni Chowk which Iíll use in other experiences of my life. Deepika is also confident that she has grown a lot as an actor after doing 4/5 films. Now, that is too early to say but who denies she has loads of killing attitude and talents.

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