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    Default Akki to visit store where real heist happened

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    Akshay Kumar will visit the jewelry store in Zaveri Bazaar where the actual heist happened on which the plot of 'Special 26' in based.

    Akshay Kumar is all to visit TBZ flagship jewelry store in Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai on February 7. No, this is not a quintessential store visit that has become part of all promotions and preamble of marketing. TBZ has a significant role to play in Special 26.

    Special 26 is based on the true incident that had happened during late 80s at this very store of TBZ in the Zaveri Bazaar. In broad daylight, 26 men were hired and along with the mastermind Ajay Singh (played by Akshay Kumar) they raided the store and walked away with all cash and jewelry in broad day light.

    The basic premise of Special 26 comes from this TBZ store. "Akshay Kumar along with his Special 26 gang plans to revisit the store and revoke the memories of the real incident. Akshay is also set to meet all the owners of TBZ during the visit", says a source associated with the film.

    "The TBZ heist is one of the most documented cases in Mumbai. For days media kept following and reporting on the smartness of one man called Ajay Singh. So we thought it would be apt to revisit the TBZ store a day before the release of the film", says director Neeraj Pandey.



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