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    Default AkaashVani: has its moments!

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    Director: Luv Ranjan
    Cast: Nusrat Barucha, Kartik Tiwari, Sunny Singh Nijjar

    Luv Ranjan, the director who gave us an antidote to love in the immensely individualistic and identifiable Pyaar Ka Punchnama made a villain out of the entire female species, showing them as victimizers then. This time he attempts a full-blown love story where the female form is victimized. While he is as much successful in bringing forth the vulnerability of the fairer sex this time, the love story is kinda tame.

    Akaash (Karthik Tiwari) and Vani ( Nusrat Barucha) meet in college and instantly fall for each other. Everything seems hunky-dory for the ideal couple until Vani has to give in to an arranged marriage due to parental pressure. Things go horribly wrong for her post marriage with a chauvinist husband (Sunny Singh Nijjar) who demeans her day after day. Until Vani meets Akaash in a college reunion and relives her picture perfect past.

    The film initiates as a campus candyfloss love story with so much mush that one starts squirming under its sugariness. Amidst verbose poetries, superficial songs, fairytale dreams, college picnics, picturesque locales and an endlessly smirking couple, the narrative tries to create cute romance but it only appears banal and bland. The tone varies from squishy to spoofy but doesn't amuse much. The idea is to create a sharp contrast in the scenario post Vani's marriage which it successfully does but the narrative takes a little too long to come to the point.

    The story actually gains momentum in the second half with a spiteful and scary buildup to Vani's venomous marital life. The discord in the matrimony is clearly driven by the husband's chauvinism, unlike the often exploited sentiment of an obsessive partner. That makes the conflict more relatable and, at the same time, the basic thought that it could happen to anyone makes it more frightening. Also this is a case of marital rape without any literal domestic violence involved. Like Vani says, she can't prove her point without any visible marks on her body. It's more of a mental trauma!

    On a broader level, the film highlights the passiveness of parents that adds to the vulnerability of their daughter. Their sheer silence to evade societal stigma is one of those reasons why woman will be considered the weaker sex. In fact the film subtly touches upon the theme of parent's disapproval to a love marriage - amongst the most common, relevant yet debatable concerns of the youth, today. But perhaps in its familiarity also lies its stereotype.

    Somewhere with the social theme that surfaces in the second half, the love story takes a backseat. Yet it never goes needlessly filmi. Akaash and Vani's romance is as much surreal as real Vani's troubled marriage is. The length, however, is exasperatingly long and a major downer for this film.

    The beautiful Nursat Barucha stands out in her multidimensional character that gives her good scope to perform. She is as much charming as the college girl in love as much helpless she is as the housewife. On the other hand Karthik Tiwari, with a constant grin pasted on his face, seems quite one-dimensional. Rather Sunny Singh Nijjar is vicious as the disparaging husband. Kiran Kumar is good in that one scene where he has an emotional breakdown.

    While one cannot broadcast that AkaashVani is a great love story, it has its moments.

    Verdict: Above Average



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