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    Default Aishwarya upset with fake articles doing the rounds

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    This is in regard to the article published by an acknowledged daily news paper dated 2nd November 2011 titled 'Bachchan's pick Marol hospital for New B'. Let me remind you that this is the same publication who actually had the gaul of printing an article earlier titled 'Pregnant Pause' which stated that Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was incapable of conceiving due to some ailment and now they have turned around and yet again insinuated that there is a possibility that she has pre-decided the date of her delivery!! "There is a possibility of Aishwarya going in for a C Section delivery 11.11.11."

    "Yet again ridiculously insinuating such an esteemed and respected family would actually turn nature's course for such blind sensationalized beliefs. There is a limit to time and again attributing such regressive remarks like marrying her off to a tree or actually planning delivering her baby just for the sake of a sensational journalism. How can journalism allow for such irresponsible reporting with regards to such intimate and personal decisions in a ladies life. Excitement and curiosity aside how can we allow for this to go on and on- this is a woman as I am sitting on the 3rd of November and if by the will of God and nature's turn, she does end up delivering on the date mentioned, will this fictitious bit of article remain with her for the rest of her life and as an international public icon, is this what she will be tagged with for the rest of the life. This is not what she needs to go through at this happy moment in her life."



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