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    Default Aishwarya Rai: I was approached by the UN ten years ago to be it's ambassador

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    Aishwarya said she was approached by the UN ten years ago to work with it on select causes but she decided to put it on hold as she was busy with the movie projects then. "I feel I can focus on the work of the UNAIDS today. As a mother, I have taken time out from my career for the last 10 months. I can now plan my time ahead," she said.
    Aishwarya said she does not see her association with UNAIDS as a loss for the film industry and she will continue to be an actor and brand ambassador for products. "I am in the public eye, I am actor and brand ambassador for products- that world will continue as and how I plan it. I have not become a saint overnight and I have not renounced the world. I intend to keeping my public work going on and through that be able to redirect some of the energy into positive work." Aishwarya, who had aspired to be a doctor, said healthcare has always been extremely important to her and feels that a lot of work needs to be done in a country like India in the area of healthcare for women and their children. "Even though women in India are immensely empowered, they
    are still socially shy and reluctant to go through basic medical check ups. I fear that women in India would still somewhere believe that if you are infected with the HIV virus, that is a death sentence," she said.
    There is a need to educate women that despite being infected with HIV, they can have healthy children and there is medical help available for them. "Women tend to put themselves last, health comes last on their agenda but we need to tell them that if they are not healthy, they cannot take care of their family. "There is so much work to be done. Along with UNAIDS I am hoping that we can make the goal of having an entire generation born free of HIV, possible by 2015. It will be historic. It is not the only goal, there is work that needs
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