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    Default Will our ads cash in on recall value of B-town legends?

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    As computer generated imagery (CGI) makes it possible for the late Audrey Hepburn to virtually star in a chocolate ad, NT does an 'ad-worthy' check on our late B-town stars...

    Italy's Aamalfi Coast and a dreamy rendition of Moon River from 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' comes alive in a latest chocolate ad, starring iconic actress Audrey Hepburn. Thanks to computer generated imagery, the actress digging into the chocolate and enjoying it, looks as real as an ad can ever get. While many on the web are going gaga over the pretty actress, some are discussing whether it is appropriate to use a star and that too posthumously, to generate revenue. While Audrey's family has consented to this ad, TOI harks back to the past to see which stars have the charm and appeal to sell products even today, albeit posthumously, if this were to happen in India...

    Her timeless beauty
    Madhubala: She's God's gift to the film industry. Her ethereal presence, perfect face, impish charm and sensuous appeal are qualities that are apt for just any product. From cosmetics to jewellery, from clothes to soaps, we bet that if Madhubala starred in these ads, they sure would be not just 'liked,' they'd be a lot easier on the eye and have immense recall value, just like the star herself!

    Nutan: Her almost regal demeanor and chiselled features would make Nutan ideal star for ads that need statuesque personalities and photogenic profiles. Her ability to easily transform into a simple Indian woman means that if she starred in ads, right from mommy ads to playing pretty homemaker, Nutan would be a perfect fit. Seeing how gracefully she aged, she'd sure be a hot fav for age defying creams too.

    Geeta Bali: Girl next door, bubbly and cutesy - that's Geeta Bali in a nutshell. With this imagery in our minds, we can actually picture Geeta Bali digging into a chocolate or sipping a soft drink and teasing the boys in her elfin style. Added to this, her care-a-damn attitude and free spirited personality ensure that she'd definitely be chosen for ads that promote certain causes.

    His invincible charm
    Dev Anand: Tall, lanky and handsome Dev Anand would probably be the first choice for ads that need to showcase charm blended with earnestness. So, from the nice working husband to the charming boyfriend, we think the star would have lots on his platter. Of course, with his trademark puff and stylish swagger, ads on hair products and shoes would surely feature on his resume!

    Shammi Kapoor: The Yahoo star's personality was one that had an energetic and young vibe that blended perfectly with his casual and cool style of dressing. So, right from clothes to soft drinks, Shammi, we are sure, would be able to light up Tv screens. Of course, with his insanely terrific comic timing and natural flair for dancing, he'd be quite a hit with ads that needed this kind of chutzpah and talent.

    Raj Kumar: For his sheer dialogue delivery and inherent sense of style, he'd be every ad man's dream actor. Spouting lines with the right zing and attitude, Raj Kumar we think would be signed on for ads that display integrity and strength of character. From suitings, to cars to being the secure single man, Raj Kumar would seamlessly fit into any of these roles.



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