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    Default Adnan Sami's "unruly fans" experience in Durban

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    Adnan Sami intends to enhance his security. The two bouncers who travel with him were unable to hold back the crowds that stormed into his hotel room at Durban last weekend when Adnan descended on the city for a stage concert.

    The good news is that Adnan Sami’s concert in Durban on Saturday was attended by 25,000 people. The bad news is that a section of the fans decided they needed to get closer to their performing idol.

    Says a source very close to Adnan, “Adnan had a hugely successful concert performance in Durban on Saturday night. He finished to a roaring crowd of 25,000 people late in the night and returned to the Hilton where he was staying with his wife Roy in their room the Presidential suite on the top floor. Dog-tired after nearly four hours on stage, Adnan was just about to retire for the evening when he was informed that some fans who had watched him earlier at the concert, wanted to meet him. Adnan was tired, so he requested them to return the next morning. But they insisted it was just to say ‘hello for a few minutes’.”

    Not willing to disappoint fans Adnan reluctantly invited them up to his suite. That’s when the story got ugly. Apparently the fans were a rowdy bunch of around 10-12 men, some of them discernibly drunk. They created a ruckus and refused to leave.

    Says Adnan’s friend, “Things would have gotten really ugly. Adnan asked his bouncers to intervene. They failed to get the fans out of Adnan’s suite.”

    Apparently hotel security had to be called before Adnan and his wife’s ordeal ended.

    Shuddering at the recollection Adnan says, “It was a rather unfortunate culmination of a grand concert. I had 25,000 people in Durban at my concert. Security is always an issue. No matter how many bouncers you have it’s never enough. I travel everywhere with my two bouncers Sanjeev and Vinod. Then the rest of the security is provided by the concert organizers. Sadly it is never enough.”

    Adnan says most of his concerts are peaceful and happy occasions. “The largest crowd for my concert was at Gulbarga where there were 1.5 lakh people. The second-largest was at Sydney where I had an audience of 85, 000 people. Both had gone off smoothly.”

    Adnan intends to double his personal security before his next concert. “Though by and large the fans love you, there will always be some who have weird ways of showing their love.”



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