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    Default Adnan Sami breaks down and "weeps like a baby" on stage in Oslo

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    On Sunday evening last week while performing live in Oslo Adnan Sami broke down and wept in front of 40,000 people.

    The stunned audience which just seconds earlier was clapping and cheering and singing along didnít know how to react to Adnanís sudden mood swing. They sat in pin-drop silence as Adnan stopped mid-way through a song and Öwell, according to his wife Roya who was in the audience, he simply wept like a baby.

    In all these 25 years as a live performer Adnan has never been known to let his emotions take over his professional judgment.

    So what gave?

    One rang up Adnan to get the details of the Oslo breakdown.

    He said, ďIt was deeply embarrassing. And Iím grateful to the audience for bearing with my public display of very private emotions. I really donít want to talk about it. I was performing my songs with full-on gusto. Then I came to the song Meri Yaad Rakhna which I wrote for my father. I donít know what happened. But somewhere after the few lines I simply lost control of my emotions. Luckily for me my audience understood. They waited in respectful silence until I regained my composure.Ē

    Adnanís father passed way three years ago, and he is yet to get over the loss. In fact Adnan plans to kick-start a charitable trust devoted to looking after destitute girl-children in Mumbai in his fatherís name, provided the Indian government allows him to.



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