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    Default Adnan can't physically abuse, says first wife!

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    Adnan can't physically abuse, says first wife!

    By Subhash K Jha

    Adnan Sami's mother Naureen Sami is going through the worst time possible.Watching her husband suffer physically and her celebrity-son suffer emotionally is a life she had not bargained for.

    "But then we never know what's in store, " says Naureen Sami. "My son never wanted to remarry (after his breakup with first wife Zeba Bakhtiar). It was I who persuaded him to set up a new home with Sabah. She's my friend's daughter, so I knew her well. Or so I thought. How was I to know what she had in store for my son?"

    The lady puts up a brave front. But the cracks show up in her voice. "I'd have never guessed my son would be put through this kind of torture and humiliation by his wife. What has my poor son done? What's his crime?

    That he tried to be a good soon to his parents? You know my husband and I never visited our son while he was married the first time. We didn't want his wife to feel we were intruding.

    But when Adnan remarried and my husband fell ill we reluctantly came to Mumbai because our son insisted. He wanted to take charge of his father's health? How were we to know all hell would break lose? We just want Adnan to get out of this crisis."

    The silver lining is already evident. At a time when Adnan Sami's second marriage is falling apart with his current wife Sabah filing for divorce Adnan has found unexpected and eminently welcome support in his former wife, actress Zeba Bakhtiar.

    Zeba has not only lifted the embargo on their son Azaan's communication with Adnan, she has also given him a clean chit as far as his second wife's charges of physical torture are concerned.

    Adnan will now be admitting his son into the posh Eton educational institute in the UK.

    Confirming these developments Adnan says, "Yes, Azaan will be going to Eton next year. Both his mother and I agree it'd be the best thing for him. The whole mess in my domestic life has thawed the ice between me and Zeba.

    We're today talking regularly. She has offered to send Azaan over any time I need him. My happiest moment when Zeba said I could be a bad husband on other counts. But never could I be guilty of physical abuse."

    In fact Zeba Bakhtiar and Adnan's son Azaan may be down in Mumbai very shortly. Though Adnan isn't talking about it, his lawyers have apparently asked Adnan's son to dispute his second wife Sabah's claim to their property in Mumbai.

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