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    Actor has learnt to live with controversies

    Whether it was his much-publicised affair and break-up with actress Kangana Ranaut or alleged linkups with co-actresses Shahana Goswami and Anjana Sukhani, budding actor Adhyayan Suman says he has become thick-skinned now and controversies don't affect him anymore.

    "If you are a known person, then it is obvious that people want to know about you. Gossips, rumours and controversies are part of a public figure's life. If you want to survive, you have to become thich-skinned, like I have become," Adhyayan, the son of TV star Shekhar Suman, told IANS.

    "During the early days of 'Raaz...' when I had just entered the industry, talks about my relationship used to really affect me. But now I have understood everything and they don't bother me anymore. You have to live with it," said the 21-year-old.


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