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    Default Actress Kangna Ranaut Admits She Is Dating UK Based Doctor

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    Kangna Ranaut has admitted to dating UK-based doctor Nicholas Lafferty for over a year, claiming they were introduced by Kites actress Barbara Moriís brother Kintaro. The actress has also admitted to being in love on a chat show, adding that despite being a world apart they keep in touch through video chat. While the two havenít been spotted publicly or even with friends, the actress maintains that this relationship is for keeps.

    Recently, a celebrity magazine printed a photograph of Lafferty, provided to them by the actress. A little investigation on Kangnaís man on Facebook reveals cosy pictures of him with another girl. In fact, there are pictures of him there with everyone except he actress. That could be because she is a public figure or that they want to keep photographs private. Or perhaps, this is an open relationship because Kangna too has been linked to several co-stars in the past year. Whatís strange is that they arenít even friends on the site, given that he visits his profile regularly.

    There have been reports that she spent time with Lafferty in London while shooting for Tezzz, but none of her co-stars or the crew have seen him. Strangely enough, he never visited her on the set. If sheís talking about him publicly, why wonít she meet him publicly?

    A common friend denies that Kintaro introduced the supposed couple, saying, ďWhile he knows Kangna socially, he never introduced her to anybody called Nicholas Lafferty. Heís a tad miffed that his name is being bandied about in this story. If she is seeing him, then why donít her friends have a clue about him? This is really mysterious!Ē Time to bring your beau out of hiding, eh, Kangna?
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