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    Default As an actor... you need to be very tough for it is a brutal life: Bipasha Basu

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    Sexy siren Bipasha Basu is quite kicked about her latest release Raaz 3D, “It has sure shot chance of success given its ingredients…horror (interesting tool to scare people) great story and that too in 3D. Since it is getting back to Raaz after a decade, it rekindled many old memories. It was God’s gift of getting the old team back together after such a long time,” shares Bipasha with us.

    In Raaz 3D, Bipasha plays a Bollywood actress who can’t see a young starlet (Esha Gupta) taking her place and resorts to black magic to harm her.

    “My character Shanaya faces the dilemma very top actor all over the world faces that one day you will come down. You just don’t want to accept it. She is a very dark character who worships the devil and dabbles in black magic. You must have not seen such vicious Hindi film heroine before.”

    Personally, Bips (as she is fondly called) has never experienced any supernatural or occult practices. “But it is rooted in our culture. How it happens or who practices it is unknown but we all know about it. Rather than bothering about what and how you should focus on the reasons why my character indulges in it and what happens as a result.”

    Since you have been around in the industry for many years, how do you feel about insecurities which make your character go over board and cross the line? “When you become an actor you need to be very tough for it is a brutal life. You have to face both ups and down. There are few actors who have lasted as long as I have especially if you are a Hindi film heroine. To stay in the reckoning and be a household name for so many years is no mean task, and I am very proud of myself. I will admit here that while playing Shananay, I also realized that there is small part of me also which is scared that what will happen with the end of the road.”

    How was it again working with Emraan Hashmi who was an assistant director back during Raaz? “I did not interact much with him then. We first time worked together in Footpath. I then only knew that this guy had a spark in him. Emraan feels that his debut project failed because we were playing brother and sister then and Raaz 3 should rock for we are not playing siblings, but lovers. He is a terrific actor who has a great connect with the man on the street.”

    In closing Bipasha says, “I do not really bother whether Raaz 3D will be my come back film. That is all a media creation. I am just happy in my current space. I am really driven in the past year and a half. Whatever roles I do it will be full of confidence and honesty.”

    Bipasha…you rock!!!



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