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    Default Every actor makes mistakes: Akshay Kumar

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    Akshay Kumar, who is excited about his upcoming film Special Chabbis claims that he hasn't changed much even after spending two decades in Bollywood. The actor believes that mistakes are a powerful weapon to improve in life and asserts that every actor makes mistakes.

    Tell us something about Special Chabbis and was any special homework required for the film?
    Special Chabbis is inspired from real story and its fun to work on real incidents. I enjoyed doing this film. The director Neeraj Pandey did maximum research as he knows his work well. I just did what he told me to do.

    You took a while to say yes to this film?
    When I read the script, I found it to be ok. However, after Neeraj narrated it to me, I said yes. When I read it didn't sound as interesting as it did after Neeraj's narration.

    What will you say about your co-star Kajal Aggarwal? You did two films with Sonakshi Sinha and will be also working with her in future. So, do you recommend her?
    I enjoyed working with Kajal and we share a great rapport. She is hard working and gorgeous. She fitted the character so well as she is traditional and simple. As far as Sonakshi is concerned, I don't recommend people as it's the director's decision.

    In 2012, all you movies did well expect Joker. Do you feel the pressure for Special Chabbis?
    I am not worried about Special Chabbis. This movie was supposed to be made in a certain budget. I have charged half my remuneration for this film in comparison to what I charge for other films. I am proud to be a part of this film.

    Do you regret anything and after spending time in Bollywood what are the mistakes which you don't do now?
    Every actor makes mistakes. I have done mistakes and I still do them. There is no actor, who doesn't do mistakes in life. According to me, mistakes are one step which helps you go forward in life.

    Salman Khan seems to be your biggest competition in Bollywood as both of you got mass following?
    I believe in my work and Salman believes in his. We both are friends and I don't believe in numbers.

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