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    Cool abhishek speaks out

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    Abhishek Bachchan, who pretends to be gay in Dostana, says the film does not make fun of any community. “Actors are required to do many things, not all close to their personality or orientation. I wouldn’t call Dostana unusual. I’d call it unique. It’s a very funny film,” says Abhishek. Set in Miami, Florida, Dostana is about two friends — Abhishek and John Abraham, who pretend to be gay to get an accommodation. “I don’t think there’s anything objectionable on homosexuality in Dostana. We aren’t trying to make fun of anybody. We aren’t making a comment on any community. It’s not about homosexuality. It’s not a Brokeback Mountain,” he says.

    Would you do a Brokeback Mountain? “Yes, why not? It would depend entirely on the script.” Abhishek says he feels a bit left out of all the promotional excitement for Dostana. “I wouldn’t say left out. But, yes, I do feel a bit disconnected because I’m shooting for Mani Ratnam’s film in the jungles of Kerala, two hours’ drive from Kochi where there’s no network. It’s very tough to connect with the world,” he says. Being as cut off as he is, Abhishek is trying to see the good side of things. “It’s a blessing because there are no distractions and one can get completely into the world of the film. Once we wrap up, all of us head for the gym and then sit on the scenes for the next day. On the deficit side, I don’t get to connect with my loved ones. God forbid, if there’s another medical emergency,” Abhi says.

    Abhishek was also very troubled when his dad Amitabh Bachchan was hospitalised on his birthday. “I think any parent’s illness is extremely disturbing to any child. I’m not an exception. We hope our parents will never fall ill. But they do. I love my father immensely. I dealt with his illness as best as I could. And I hope I’m half as good a son as he was to his parents,” Abhishek says.

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