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    Default Abhishek risks injured finger by performing dangerous stunt!

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    Abhishek Bachchan has fractured one of his fingers and has been warned by medical practitioners not to do any stunts till it is healed.

    But in a zest to do better, Abhishek risked himself by pulling out an stunt at the action packed event of Players' music release in Mumbai last night.

    Abhishek, sitting on the driver's seat of a bike, broke through a sheet of glass and further performed the doughnut act by doing a 360 degree wheelie, screeching his car to perfection that to without a stuntman, amazingly live in front of television cameras and the shutter bugs.

    Sources claim that Abhishek's pain in the fractured finger has aggravated after the stunt and the actor was seen in pain on the stage. (See the circled area in the pic)

    The actor had met with an accident on the sets of Bol Bachchan a couple of months ago, but is yet to completely recover.
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