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    Default Abhishek: I guess I am a good husband

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    Having a larger-than-life dad to look up to, can be fairly intimidating for any superstar.
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
    Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan More Pics

    Not so for Abhishek Bachchan, who has already carved out his niche in Bollywood in his nine-year long film career. Riding high on the box-office success of Dostana , Abhishek took time out for a candid chat with TOI. We caught his many moods. Exclusive excerpts:

    Different strokes
    “I know what is required out of an actor. I think I have become more experienced and I am prepared as an actor. I have learned many things over the years. As an actor I want to play a variety of characters. I am fortunate to get to do such roles. I have never deliberately tried to do different roles, I just happened to get them. I don’t regret doing any film.”

    Rakeysh & Sonam
    “I am nervous about Delhi 6. I always get nervous on Fridays when my film releases. We put in so much hard work for a film, that’s why Fridays make me so nervous. But Delhi 6 is a good film and made very well. It is a very realistic film and its music is really appealing. As an actor I hope to meet the expectations of people. Rakeysh Mehra and I had wanted to work with each other for very long. He met every expectation of mine. It was wonderful working with him. Sonam (Kapoor) is a wonderful person and a very promising actress. It was a pleasure having her on the sets. She is really hardworking.”

    Family album
    “I do consult my family before taking up a film, but I take the final call. I would be dumb not to take their advice.”

    Ash you like it...
    “I don’t think I have changed after marriage. I am still the same guy I used to be. I guess I am a good husband. Aishwarya is extremely down-to-earth. She is very humane.”

    Beyond movies
    “I am passionate about cinema and acting. I never get time for myself because I am always working. But I am happy that I am getting that much work. When I get a little time off work, I like listening to music, watching movies and reading autobiographies. My favourite autobiography is Marlon Brando’s Songs My Mother Taught Me.”

    Fashion code
    “I know people say, I’ve often been spotted wearing blue denims and white shirt but that’s coincidental. I wear whatever comes in my hand when I wake up from bed.”

    Fit hai to hit hai
    “As an actor I have had to put on and shed weight to fit into the character that I am playing. That’s what my directors expect from me. But in personal life, I don’t follow any diet or any fitness chart.”

    I, me, myself
    “I don’t look within myself to find out what my strengths or weaknesses are. I am just another normal guy.”

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