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    Default Abhishek , Deepika : Will this pair make a hit couple on screen in KHJJS ??

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    Abhishek Bachchan, the man with the stubble, is all lost in the forth coming flick ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se’,which is a period film and he had to look the part, the character he portrays in the film, Surya Sen, due to which, he had to look young and stunning.

    However, his pairing with Deepika Padukone in the flick is quite something new for the audiences, but as per the first look out in pics, and promos and the recent music launch in Mumbai, both Abhishek and Deepika look really good together.

    As the film has a very old retro look, with very simple wardrobe for the entire cast, the language, the backdrop, the makeup, everything is just rightfully done.

    However, coming to the point, Abhishek and Deepika just look cool, what with the subtle romanticism of the pre independence era, and all that. The film has Deepika playing the role of Kalpana, who is very much involved in the socio-political going ons during the period. Her to the core dressing, with two plaits, a cotton sari and virtually no makeup, gives her a very realistic aura of those pre independence times.

    Deepika, it seems has been rediscovered with this film, and so has Abhishek, both have been touted as really very good in the flick, and it remains to be seen, what impression the film makes on the minds of the audiences. Will this pair make a hit couple in KHJJS?Well, even if the film has a different genre, with perhaps very little romance,yet,if these two are liked on screen as a couple, who knows, they just might be paired again?



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