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    Default Abhishek on 'BB' success, 'Dhoom 3', Aamir Khan

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    Abhishek Bachchan's perseverance has paid off. Finally! The Bachchan scion is basking in the sunshine of his latest film that not only stars him in a challenging role and also features his legendary father in a cameo, but also has his illustrious surname in its title -- BOL BACHCHAN.

    It's tough being an actor. You are known by your last Friday and, unfortunately for Bachchan Jr., the past few Fridays weren't too kind to him. "Oh yes, I have experienced that. There were times when people wouldn't answer my calls. Film projects were called off abruptly... I've witnessed the adverse effects," he reminisces, but he seems to have taken it all in his stride like a true sport, without sounding bitter or hurt. A successful film is the most soothing balm, after all.

    So has life changed for better, after the all crucial Friday [BOL BACHCHAN]? "Yes, it has! Life always changes for better after a success. There's renewed self confidence, besides the fact that the industry's perspective also changes once the tag of a success is attached to your name."

    Abhishek is not taking the lavish praises for his performance in the film or the film's performance at the BO lightly. "You need to work hard after every hit. You need to move on to the next project. You can't afford to bask in past glory," he says. The actor has just one film in his kitty [DHOOM 3] at the moment. Is it a conscious decision to stay away from signing any new film till DHOOM 3 releases? "Yes, it's a conscious decision on my part. I want to give more than 100% to every project. The job of an actor is not limited to merely acting in a film these days. He has to be there for the film in question till one week after its release, promoting the film to the optimum. And I want to give my best to every project that I am associated with. I want to be there as and when Victor [the director of DHOOM 3] and Adi [Aditya Chopra] need me," he explains.

    There's also talk in the industry that he has decided to concentrate on masala films with multiple stars henceforth. Does it mean he has decided against doing solo lead projects? "This term 'solo lead' reeks of arrogance. Isn't film-making a team effort? BOL BACHCHAN isn't Ajay, Rohit or my success alone, it's a team effort. More than 400 people were associated with this film. They have toiled to make this film a success and it would be unfair to take away the credit from them. Coming back to your question, yes, I've decided to be a part of movies that the audience likes to watch. Movies that reach out to the masses," he states categorically.

    Abhishek will soon begin shooting for DHOOM 3. Aamir Khan heads the cast this time. Is he nervous? Excited? "Excited, not nervous. However, Aamir has this quality of making you comfortable. I am really looking forward to sharing screen space with him. It's an honor, frankly," he states.

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