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    Default Abhishek, the bad guy!

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    For Mani Sir, the young AB is the ultimate bad boy.
    Abhishek Bachchan

    Or letís safely say, a good boy with a bad streak. At a time when everyone was casting Abhishek Bachchan in those perfect gentlemanly roles, Mani Ratnam had the guts to transform him into the raw and raucous Lallan, and the rest is history. Well, we mean ABís first innings in the industry, with a string of flops was all forgotten.

    He became the new super-hero (not the Drona kinds, of course) and every filmmaker wanted a piece of this Bachchan boy. Then came Guru, another powerful role with negative shades which won AB a lot of accolades and a lovely wife (for those who came in late....he proposed to lady-love, Ash, while they were in Toronto for the premiere of Guru). And no prizes for guessing that Maniís next Raavan, doesnít center around the goodness of mankind, right?

    So there...for the third time, AB turns into a baddie for Mani. And sources tell us that the way the film is shaping up, the team is quite confident theyíre gonna get lucky the third time around. Well, we guess for the Abhi-Mani combo, little bit of bad is good, huh? And they also have lady-luck (ARB) for company. So what do they have to worry about, anyways?

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