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    Default Abhishek Bachchan changing his looks constantly for three films

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    Ek raat ki baat...this week Abhishek had just one day's shooting for Balki's much-discussed Pa. For that he not only had to rush to Kuala Lumpur. He also had to completely change his look to a clean-shaven one in contrast to the droopy-mooch look that he sports for Mani Ratnam's Raavan.

    Says Abhishek, "The new clean-shaven look was needed. It was just one day's shoot for Pa. Now for next week, I have to go back to the earlier look for Mani's look."
    Apparently, the Raavan look is a hot favourite among Abhishek's fans. He has had numerous requests to keep that look permanently. However, he needs to sport another look for Abhinay Deo's untitled film.

    So who said being an actor was easy?

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