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    Default Abhi to die in Delhi 6 re-release

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    Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is set to follow his heart and re-release Delhi 6 with his original vision that would have seen Abhishek dying.

    The dark film questioning religious intolerance and the politics of religion in India turned out to be a happy film as even after being shot, AB Jr unites with his lady love Sonam Kapoor. According to the original idea, Rakeysh wanted to begin the film with Abhishek's ashes being submerged in water and then he narrating the story that leads to his death.

    The filmmaker now wants to release the movie with his original idea. Last year he had made these changes and showcased it at various international film festivals and garnered acclaim and now he wants the people to see this version. Rakeysh confirms to TOI saying, "I think I drifted away from my vision of killing my protagonist and that did not really work. I now want to re-release the film so that people can see what the original idea behind the movie was." He adds, "The plan was to do the shooting in a guerilla mode.

    I had not planned for a big budget and I wanted to shoot with only one handheld camera. I wanted to make the film real. But I guess everyone else got excited and in the process I too, went over the top." When we had spoken to Sonam, she had told us, "I'm aware of this version of the movie and, of course, it will be great if the film is re-released with the changes to see how the audiences react to it."



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