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    Smile Who are Aamir’s special guests at premiere tonight?

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    All you gals, the bholi bhali naaris of India are dying to know it. Ever since our dear Aamir has come from his ‘Bharat Brahman’ and immediately having a peep at the list of the invitees for today’s premiere, our bee quite naturally got excited and for the benefit of you guys she managed to ‘maro’ ( ‘steal’ in Hindi) the list of Aamir’s special guest list of invitees for tonight’s premiere.

    Any guess on names and the personalities…… No one. Well, our bee takes the opportunity and discloses a couple of names – one is Laxman from Banaras – profession even Aamir is not sure,

    Second is the newly wed couple from Punjab,

    And there are some 10 more individuals which Aamir befriended during his promotional tour.

    Well, if its Aamir then it has to be different so it is.

    All the newly added Aamir’s friends will be attending the premiere of ‘3 Idiots’, this years most awaited ‘Bollywood’ flick in the company of the Khans and Bachchans.

    Vow, what a gift and what dosti our bee adds!

    So here’s a super star cool star who has no panga in eating like an aam aadmi at roadside dhabas and make sure with his producer that his new friends get proper treatment as he calls them to premiere of one of his most awaited film. Sounds filmy? Toh kya. Our bee has already become a ‘bhakt’ of this actor who in this manipulative, foxy Bollywood comes with a tale of friendship and understanding keeping the tail of humanity intact to his starry face. Great going Aamir!

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