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    Default Why Aamir wants to be Krishna in Mahabharata?

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    Why Aamir wants to be Krishna in Mahabharata?
    After giving films outstanding films like Tare Zameen Par and Ghajini Aamir Khan reveals that he has a dream project. Aamir expressed his desire to do an epic drama Mahabharat. "Yes, I have been thinking about it for a long time. It has been a favorite subject which I have been contemplating for a long time."

    Being a perfectionist Aamir believes that this kind of subject requires a lot of preparation. He says "Even the slightest mistake can be noticed. People should be amazed when they watch a film like this. You need a lot of courage to make a vast subject like this and right now I am even scared to attempt it."

    He informs that though his favorite character from the epic is Karna he won't be able to do it. "I feel Karna is an amazing character.

    But I cannot play that role. The characters in Mahabharat are warriors and they are Kshatriya's there were all six feet and above. They all were tall and well built. I would not fit into any of the characters as I am very short. I think I would suit only Krishna's role the best." He quips.

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