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    Default 'Aamir Khan really liked Jassi'

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    'Many of these people end up bleeding on the show'

    Mona Singh became a household name after her Jassi role in Jassi Jaise Kohi Nahin. Since then, she ditched her braces and spectacles for a dancing title in Jhalak Dhikhhla Jaa.

    Currently, she's hosting Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega on Sony Television. Rajul Hegde got in touch with the actress for more on the show, featuring talents from across the country.

    You seem to have become a mascot for Sony channel...

    Yes. I'm officially changing my name to Mona Sony Singh [smiles].

    What do you think of Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega?

    When I was first approached for the show, I wasn't sure what it is all about. But when I saw the first episode, it was pure entertainment. After coming on the show, I realise that India has got so much talent. People have been coming from small villages and towns and doing different and weird things. It's commendable. A man twirled a sari 50 times and made a beautiful pea**** out of it.

    Anyone who comes here and sings normally is being booed. It's the ones who entertain and make us laugh who win. Now my driver wants to be part of this show too. They are like 'Madam main yeh tod sakta hoon, main woh kar sakta hoon.'

    'I can't bear to see people dancing on glass and eating fire'

    What can you do for entertainment apart from acting, dancing and hosting?

    I can sing and crack dirty jokes.

    Which is the weirdest act you have seen on the show so far?

    There was this guy who put a cycle's spoke in his nose and pulled the other end out from his throat. He actually underwent an operation to create the hole in his throat. It was shocking and scary to see the extent that people would go to get on the show.

    I can't bear to see people dancing on glass and eating fire. But as a host, I had to egg them on.

    Does being a part of reality shows compensate you financially since you are not doing any serials?

    Yes. For me, TV means money while movies is my passion. I d not want to quit TV. I want to be a part of it because it is my domain. I do not want to leave this space that I have made for myself.

    Why not serials?

    No. I do not think anything can be as big as Jassi. I will always be compared to that. So for now it's participating in reality shows and winning all of them [laughs]. And yes, definitely hosting reality shows.

    'Aamir really liked Jassi'

    You have won three reality shows --Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena and Arey Dewano Mujhe Pechano. What works for you?

    I do not know! Last time I won I was embarrassed. Everybody was staring at me. I think I am simply lucky.

    Have you finished shooting for Aamir Khan's movie 3 Idiots?

    Not yet. My last schedule is in July. There is still one scene to go with Aamir Khan. And that is apparently my first scene with him [laughs]. So we're shooting that last.

    How was it working with Aamir?

    Actually when I was told that I will be shooting with him in the next five days, I was so nervous. I was like what if I forget my dialogues? He is such a perfectionist. There was so much going on in my mind. I called up Raju (director Rajkumar Hirani) and asked him how I should be on the sets.

    When I met Aamir, he was very nice. He told me that he had seen a couple of episodes of Jassi and really liked it. I was blown to hear it from Aamir Khan.

    He is a real prankster and keeps cracking jokes. It was great fun shooting with him. Also with Boman (Irani) and Kareena (Kapoor). They are such sweet people. I still remember my first shot last September. Raju and the entire crew got up and welcomed me. I was really taken aback by the gesture.

    'Off-screen I'm okay but on screen I look fat'

    What's with your fluctuating weight?

    I do not know why I'm like that. I am such a yo-yo. The minute I eat, it shows and the minute I stop eating, that shows too. I always have to keep myself in check. But for some reason, when people meet me off screen, they are like 'Aare kitni patli ho. Screen pe kitna jadi dekhti ho' (You look thin off screen and fat on screen). I think to look normal on screen one has to look very skinny off-screen. Off screen I'm okay but on screen, I look fat.

    How is your rapport with your co-host Vishal Malhotra?

    I had never worked with him before but we clicked on the very day we met. We took to each other because he was cracking the same kind of silly jokes that I do, that nobody understands. I really enjoy working with him.

    Do you think it is right to classify certain death defying acts as a form of entertainment?

    It is risky but we have to make it a point to keep telling the audience not to try it at home. We keep showing it on a ticker too. But according to the participants. their talent needs to come out. In fact, many of these people end up bleeding on the show. But they do not want to talk about it.

    Like there is a guy who will be coming soon. He throws coconuts in the air and breaks them with his head. He did it so well even though the stunt laid him off for six months.

    'I'm not a judge, so I can enjoy'

    In one episode, Farah Khan scolded you saying 'Mona ko toh sab achcha lagta hai' (Mona likes everthing).

    [Laughs] I felt very bad for that Charlie Chaplin. I did not want him to go because he was so cute. So I was clapping and enjoying and she was 'tumhe toh sab achcha lagta hai'. I'm not a judge, so I can enjoy. We have clicked really well because after Jhalak, this was the first time I was meeting Farah. She is a sweetheart.

    What next?

    I don't know. I have not planned anything. I'm just waiting for 3 Idiots to release. I will definitely not take up any movie before the release of 3 Idiots because it is a big movie for me. I just want to play some great characters on the big screen.

    Will we see you doing stunts?

    Pata nahi yaar (don't know). I always surprise myself.

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