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    Default Aamir Khan in Kolkata as 'Dada' fan

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    Kolkata, Dec 16 : Bollywood star Aamir Khan wanted Dada's autograph and photograph, but was not allowed to enter Saurav Ganguly's residence on Tuesday.

    Disguised as a Ganguly fan, Khan was on the Kolkata leg of his promotion for '3 Idiots'- his next film, set to release in a couple of weeks.

    Donning a wig, a shabby jacket and carrying a bag, the actor asked locals, "Where does Dada live?" until he found the house. Unfortunately, Saurav was not home at that time. He was busy scoring a century at the Ranji match against Delhi in Jadavpur University's Salt Lake campus ground.

    The disinterested security guards at the Ganguly had no idea that it was Aamir Khan and not just another crazy Dada fan.

    "I want Dada's autograph, I want to take photograph with him," he whispered to a hidden camera in front of Ganguly's Behala home.

    However, the security guards were caught off guard when Mr Perfectionist came home with Dada Tuesday evening and told them it was he who had come earlier. "I was just fooling around," he added smiling.

    Aamir and his wife Kiran had dinner with the Ganguly family Tuesday night.

    The actor had earlier visited Vanarasi disguised as a 'strange looking elderly man'.

    "Varanasi was truly enriching. And such wonderful people. So warm and helpful to a 'complete stranger'. Each and everyone of them went out of their way to help a very 'strange looking elderly man'. I made five new friends there," Aamir wrote in his blog.


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