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    Default Aamir Khan the `King of Marketing` has a surprise in Kiran Rao`s Dhobi Ghat

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    Remember Aamir Khan’s marketing strategy to have ushers sport the Ghajini look during the screening of Shah Rukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? Here’s another brilliant plan that Aamir has come up with. Everyone knows that Aamir has a cameo role in wife Kiran Rao’s directorial debut film, Dhobi Ghat. But what is, or rather was, a closely guarded secret is that Aamir has a full-fledged role in the film and can be well called the lead actor of Dhobi Ghat. This makes it two lead actors for the film, the other being Pratiek Babbar, who is currently being touted as the only male lead by the filmmakers.

    A source says, “It is a very clever marketing gimmick to say that Aamir only has a guest appearance in the film. It ensures that the audience will go to watch the film with minimum expectations from an actor of Aamir’s calibre. What the filmmakers want is for the audience to be glad to see Aamir throughout the film after expecting him to play a brief role in it. Consequently, viewers will feel that they have got more than their money’s worth and that will work in the film’s favour. Which is why, it has been intentionally announced that Aamir only has a cameo in the film. Actually, Aamir plays the central character along with Pratiek. Even the publicity around Aamir will be low-key. It’s a marketing strategy.”

    Telling us about Aamir’s character in Dhobi Ghat, our source says, “Aamir plays a painter who lives and works from his tiny studio-apartment in a noisy and congested Mumbai neighbourhood. In our normal day-to-day life we meet so many people on a daily basis… say a watchman, a servant or a dhobi. Pratiek plays a dhobi and the film is about how one day such people become very significant in your life. That’s the story of Dhobi Ghat. Kiran never wanted to cast Aamir in the film but Aamir insisted and even screen tested for the role.”

    “The film is complete and Aamir has shot for over 30 days. The editing process is currently on and the final release plans are being worked out. Monica Dogra of Shaa’ir + Func plays the female lead in the film,” adds the source.

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