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    Default Aamir Khan and John Abraham talk about Gay rights in India

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    Bollywood celebrities are happy that finally Article 377 has been nullified and homosexuality is legalized in India. Check out their reactions.

    John Abraham: I think it’s a step in the positive direction and I am personally quite happy that the high court has finally given equal rights to everyone — whether he is a homosexual or a heterosexual. I think in a democratic country like India, where right to equality is a constitutional right, it was very important to give homosexuals their due. The government was also very empathetic to the fact that they should be treated equally.

    Aamir Khan: I welcome the decision of the Delhi high court in nullifying Article 377. I very much support the right of every individual to live the way that he or she chooses. As a society we should move towards being inclusive and respectful of our differences

    Suneet Verma(Fashion Designer) : I came out in the open about my sexuality from a young age. I never feared that I’d be ridiculed. How could I say otherwise, when my homosexuality was in my DNA. I meet young people who are similar, on the crossroads of deciding what their sexuality is — I find them easily disturbed, depressed and sad. If they’re not strong, they become alcoholics. They’re scared to face reality

    Celina Jaitely: ‘I have been receiving threats from radical and cultural groups. But I was simply standing for the fundamental right of a human being, so what if he or she is a homosexual.There are many people in the film industry who are from the sexual minority and they will now be able to come out in the open.Some of the people who have touched my lives were homosexuals. I owe a lot to them.

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