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    Aamir Khan’s used to giving autographs to others. So imagine the experience he had when he had to stand in a queue for an autograph, that also from cartoon star Mickey Mouse. It was for his children and as a good daddy he had to do it for their sake. It happened during a trip to Disneyland. He’s said in his blog: “…there roaming about in the theme parks were the characters of Mickey Mouse and Minny Mouse, with loads of children queuing up with their respective parents for an autograph and a photo with their favorite cartoon character. He added, “My kids went nuts and insisted on a photo and autograph with them.
    So here I was, big superstar, standing quietly in line waiting for Mickey Mouse to give me an autograph for my children. Oh ok, now we are sure that Aamir knows that he’s a superstar. No wonder he was fighting with SRK and said things like he knew Aamir’s no King Khan. His imagination was running wild too: “I was mouthing the lines that I hear everyday - ‘Hi, my kids are big fans, can we have a picture please?’ – I was thinking to myself what fun if the person behind the Mickey Mouse costume is a desi.
    With a imagination like that, Khan is sure to be a master story teller with sensible movies to his credit.

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