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    Default Aamir Khan beats Deepika Padukone

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    Aamir Khan is not only a talented actor but a good badminton player too. In an exciting match played between Deepika Padukone-Pakash Padukone and Aamir Khan-Aparna Popat, Aamir beats Deepika. The tournament was held at the annual tournament for the Padukone Academy run by the one-time badminton champion.Though lost to Aamir, Deepika sounds quite satisfactory and praised Aamir for his win, she said, I know that Aamir plays badminton at the Khar gym.
    He’s extremely fit and a great player. It was an incredible experience to play opposite him.More than that Deepika Padukone was happy playing with dad Prakash Padukone. “Even after so many years dad is such a driving force and an inspiration for badminton enthusiasts. I remember in the older days when he would train in Bangalore there were no high roof courts, so he would play in shaadi mandaps.
    From that day to having his own badminton academy he’s come a long way”, the actress added. Deepika takes active interest in promoting badminton.

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