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    Talking 5 actors who could play Anurag's superhero

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    Kunal Kapoor

    Okay, so we know that director Anurag Kashyap has already cast Kunal Kapoor to play Doga in his cinematic adaptation of the popular Raj Comics series.

    Yet fantasy-casting is always a fun game to play, so here at Rediff we decided to look at the different facets of Doga and see which actors would be best suited to play the big bad woofin' superhero.

    A caricature of Shah Rukh Khan

    Candidate 1: Shah Rukh Khan

    Last year Aamir Khan blogged about how he has a dog named after King Khan, but jokes aside, there's no one quite like the King who could bring in style to a project like Doga.

    Doga's a tough sociopath who doesn't take no for an answer, and based on Khan's work in Anjaam, he can be pretty darned dogged himself.

    A caricature of Aamir Khan

    Candidate 2: Aamir Khan

    Sure, Doga's definitely taller. But one of the most characteristic aspects of Doga is his body, one that has been sculpted with long hours in the gym after being raised like a mangy dog. He trained in weightlifting, martial arts, boxing and marksmanship, and is clearly a perfectionist.

    Any wonder why Ghajini-boy would be perfect for the part? The dog-mask could even hold in his drool. And Aamir-Doga action figures would fly off the shelves.

    A caricature of Sunny Deol

    Candidate 3: Sunny Deol

    Doga is a burly man in a dog-mask out for revenge, and who better than the son of Dharmendra to play a character who can communicate with the local kuttas.

    Doga shows no mercy and takes no prisoners, and we bet Anurag could go all Anil Sharma and give us a bloodthirsty Sunny tearing wrongdoers limb from limb.

    A caricature of Abhishek Bachchan

    Candidate 4: Abhishek Bachchan

    Bachchan's tried his hand at playing a superhero before, but the lesser said about Drona the better. However, things might definitely look up for the grizzly-faced actor if he actually hid his countenance behind a big mask -- albeit one that happens to be a dog-head. What an idea, sirjee.

    A caricature of Akshay Kumar

    Candidate 5: Akshay Kumar

    He'd make the dog-mask the trendiest accessory of the season, and heaven knows he has the body required to carry off that portable arsenal-ful of guns and bombs.

    Kumar looks tough when kicking in skulls and the martial arts training is an obvious bonus -- and if Doga really needs a dramatic chase sequence, just place a Thums Up bottle in the back of the villain's car.



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