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    Red face || At 43, Salman Khan still gets beaten up by mom ||

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    Salman Khan has often made headlines for getting into verbal and physical fights, but very few know that the 43-year-old Bollywood star still gets beaten up by his mother Salma.

    "As a child, Salman was very naughty He used to get the most beating...still does," Salma told choreographer-turned- director Farah Khan on her soon-to-be-launched celebrity chat show "Tere Mere Beach Mein" going on air on STAR Plus Sunday.

    When Farah asked "Is it just a pat?", Salman, who was the first celebrity guest for the show, said: "Are you mad or what? It comes as such a phatak (tight slap)...I reel under its heavy impact and wonder where it came from! I tell her that how can you beat me mamma, I'm a grown up man now."

    Some of the actor's best kept secrets were also unravelled on the show. For instance, she revealed that she still stays up waiting for him at the window till he returns home. Salma said that all her kids tease her for this habit.

    "They say that the building doesn't need a watchman with me keeping guard all night," she said.



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