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    Default 3 Idiots in "ragging " trouble

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    The Maharashtra government on Monday said that it will watch Aamir Khan-starrer film '3 Idiots' and take action if it feels the film promotes ragging.

    The move comes after 18 students of a medical college here were arrested for allegedly ragging freshers.

    The physiotherapy students were arrested Saturday after 10 juniors filed police complaints that they were made to strip, use lewd language and perform mock sexual acts at a hostel party on Naigaum campus here.

    The 18, who were released on bail , allegedly said the film inspired them.

    "There are media reports that the nature of the Seth Medical college ragging incident was similar to the one shown in '3Idiots'. We will also watch the film," Medical Education Minister Vijaykumar Gavit told reporters.

    "We would write to the censor board that as far as possible such scenes should be avoided in movies," he added.

    This is the second controversy clouding the success story of '3 Idiots'.

    Earlier the producers and novelist Chetan Bhagat got into a row over the story credits.

    Bhagat is the author of Five Point Someone, the novel on which the movie is based.


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