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    Default 3 Idiots not Five Point Someone !!!

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    Come Christmas and one can get see who among the three actors (Aamir, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi) is the most idiotic one…? Ok, ok jokes apart. People are just waiting for the cold month to come and see this Raju Hirani’s movie, ‘Three Idiots’.

    The movie as assumed by most is not exactly based on Chetan Bhagat’s best-seller ‘Five Point Someone’. Raju Hirani, the director who bowled with his Munnabhai series, stated that ‘Three Idiots’ is just an inspiration from the book and it is completely different. Only five percent of the book is the same. The director is of opinion that one can’t make a film out of a book, as both books and films are different.

    “People should not go to the theatre thinking, we are going to watch ‘Five Point Someone’ and later find out that it’s a completely different film,” quotes Hirani.

    Meanwhile our Perfectionist is busy sweating it out by playing Badminton. A song sequence is on the final shooting-list, where Aamir and Kareena are to be featured. As the days are fast approaching the actor wants to look his body best, who otherwise had gained enough weight during his recent holidays.

    Let’s wait for ‘3 Idiots’ to come this December. We mean the movie here now!
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