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    Smile 3 Idiots’ comes out with clean work

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    The Christmas spirit was enhanced by the arrival of Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘3 Idiots’. A product of Vinod Chopra Productions, the film just bowled the audience with its remarkable story and cast. But there is another team which also should be credited for the film’s looks and feel. And that is, the Mumbai based VFX house FutureWorks.

    A team of 10 artists of various departments including 3D, VFX and Composing Flame under the supervision of VFX Supervisor Sriniwas Rao have worked on the film that has seamless VFX work involved. Some of the interesting shots in the movie include creating the CG pigeon and morphing in a song sequence.

    Abhishek De, Creative Director of FutureWorks, said “The entire team was thrilled to work on this peppy song and was enjoyable. Apart from the song there were other cleanup shots which were managed and dealt with as clean as ever.”

    As is the flavor of song from the much-awaited film of the year '3 Idiots' “Zubu Zubi” so was the effects sprinkled seamlessly into it. The song has a tremendously peppy thing about it flowing smoothly, so FutureWorks was put to challenge to create some more magic and add to the flavor. The 3D team started creating a look, once that was set and a go ahead was given the team started to enhance and rendered different passes so the compositors would easily play around to make it look just right.

    The 3D team under the 3D Head Vikas Sawlani had Deepankar Shome working on the particles. Kishor Shetty taking care of 3D lighting and Vikas Kumawat doing the 3D track set. With Nagaraju Gadamalla and Md. Latif working on the wire removal scenes, Neha Seth was completed the final composites for the scenes.

    “Raju Hirani is as perfectionist as Aamir Khan, he corrected thrice for number and quantum of bubbles being added to the songs. At last he was convinced and satisfied with the song and magic created,” added Mr. Gaurav Gupta, MD, FutureWorks Media Ltd.

    After doing the animation of bubbles floating around, the compositors then started compiling after receiving the graded scans merging all the passes to blend it with the scene. Compositors were really tested hard on this as they had to really balance CGI layers nicely. The entire visual effect of the film was done on 4K Scans.

    For both the 3D artists and VFX artists had only one guideline from the Abhishek De who always said, “Observe everything around you so you can imitate the real as close as possible which gives a clean unseen FX blending into the scene.”

    This was the main challenging sequence, but coupled with it was some other interesting stunts which will tickle you while watching the songs. Again for the same some very clean artistry was carried out to cleanup the rigs and green chroma to morph characters wearing different costumes.

    The entire team of FutureWorks was immensely grateful to Biju D (VFX Supervisor), Fable Farm team, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajukumar Hirani for giving the team an opportunity to work with them.

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