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    Post 24 year-old Tomoko Maeda won Miss Earth Japan 2011, runner-up for Watanabe Shiho

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    July 4, according to Japanese media reports, "2011 Miss Earth JAPAN" is held in the Tokyo metropolitan area. After a fierce competition, now 24-year-old Tomoko Maeda who was born in Tokyo ultimately received the highest award, becoming the "2011 Miss Japan." After, Tomoko Maeda will be as a representative of Japan to Pattaya, Thailand, to participate in the World beauty pageant held on November 12 in there.

    As well as the title Miss Earth Japan, Tomoko Maeda not only won 100 million yen prize money, also received a crown and necklace that total amounted to 3,000 million yen. Because recognized, Tomoko Maeda was very pleased, she said: the weight of the crown, is the best proof that she had paid all the effort. From now on, she will continue to strive for her own to a higher level.

    In addition, AKB48ís former member, Watanabe Shiho, won second place for the beauty pageant contest, Ď2011 Miss Earth Japan Ďas "Miss Air Japan," earlier today. Watanabe, alongside the winner of Miss Earth Japan, Maeda Tomoko, will participate in the world beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand on November 12th as Japanís representatives.

    [IMG]AKB48ís former member, Watanabe Shiho[/IMG]

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