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    Default 1st May 2011 : Some of your favourite Bolly stars' amazing food

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    Master Chef Bollywood

    Jitesh Pillaai takes you into star kitchens and gives a helping of filmy taste

    I have been stuffed like a turkey at some star homes. And in some others I have waited for hours with just a glass of water for company. But mostly, our stars have large hearts when it comes to food. Here’s a look at what’s on their menu on a good day. And why it so seems like them.
    Aishwarya Rai bachchan

    Mrs Bachchan can stuff you till you burst. She fed me amazing homemade chicken. In the past, her mum Vrinda, on whose list of favourite words, ‘journalist’ does not appear, always ensured I ate well. Everything, from paneer to exotic chocolates. I have never left their home hungry. Ash personally sees to that. So much warmth and oven-hot stuff from someone that people dispassionately refer to as ‘ice maiden’. Now, if only her interviews were as hot and masaledaar.

    Ranbir Kapoor
    This Kapoor lad is the mix of the Kapoor Khandaan gene and health food. Mango slices with ice cream, pastas, salads. At RK’s, you are as good as your last gastronomic extravaganza.

    Preity Zinta
    You can be sitting in Preity Zinta’s van on the sets of a film or at an exotic eatery but Preity Zinta will feed you till your stomach pleads for rest. Her appetite for life seems as strong as your appetite for what she feeds you. From our first date years ago at Pop Pourri over pasta and celery soup to our most recent gupshup at the Pali Village Café over exotic cheeses, little plates of grilled vegetables with divine butter and ravioli. Maturing palates, same zest. Yet, I prefer her mom’s butter chicken and kaali daal, which are to die for.

    Karan Johar
    He is the director of blockbuster khaana. A huge tray arrives with everything
    edible under the sun in it - cheese cake, tuk tuk, caviar, sindhi kadi, pasta, fish, mutton, aloo chat. Name it and it’s there. Like his very own culinary K3G.

    Kareena Kapoor

    Size zero and foodie, Kareena Kapoor is a paradox. She must have been Chinese in her last birth. That’s how much she loves the cuisine. From the early days at the now defunct Holiday Inn’s Sampan to Lands End’s Golden Dragon, catching up over the most heavenly stuffed wonton, noodles and Shanghai chicken. In between her pet had turned peta - she had become shakhahaari. But whenever you plan to meet Bebo, the first thing she asks is “What should I order to eat?” She is a true lover of the good life and good food. Recently, I gorged on the fish curry at her place. It was too good to be true. We’ve shared too many heartbreaks and happy foodie moments together. Swimming in the masala and enjoying it.

    King Khan

    SRK’s the man who gives you some food for thought. I remember the first time he offered me food and I declined politely. And he said, in half-amusement, half-exasperation, “Yeh mera namak nahi khaata”. SRK won’t eat but his man Friday Subhash ensures you do. Chicken biryani and tandoori chicken. Pepsi flows like water. And endless cups of unit tea. For all his emperor shenanigans, SRK is not a foodie at all. He hates sweets. Functional and tasty food, tender and loaded inside.


    She can serve you masala dosa and khichdi. Tabu’s dining style is inimitable. In the exotic Ishtaa in Hyderabad to little eating joints in Chennai. She took a two day baking class once and made sandesh from scratch for me. It
    seeped into my taste buds like the effect of her performances. Her mom too makes the best kheer I’ve ever had. Tabu cooks, speaks and performs from the heart, and it shows.

    Manisha Koirala

    She can whip up a storm: Prawn curry (since when did Nepal become famous for seafood?) and Thai curry, noodles cooked on a stove. Manya will ask you every five minutes if you have eaten. She’ll feed you even if she doesn’t know you that well or you have written the world’s most nasty piece on her.

    Shabana Azmi
    Her shahi kebabs can make you salivate. Just the thought of those luscious grills and the best Hyderabadi cuisine in the world pulls me to her place. And Javed Akhtar is the world’s best raconteur. It adds to the experience. Poetry was never this tasty, acting never this spicy.

    Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor

    I have also heard of the open house that Salman Khan keeps. The legendary door is always open and anyone can walk in and enjoy food. I have heard paeans about the Akuri sandwiches in Anil Kapoor’s house. Recently, he treated my colleagues to some heavenly sponge cake. Vidya Balan has promised her amma ke haath ka Tam Brahm khaana and a date is due at Genelia D’Souza’s for some long pending fish curry rice.
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