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    Default Sofia Hayat confesses dating cricketer Rohit Sharma; adds that Rohit "is no gentleman at all"

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    Bindass’ Super Dude’s (season 2) judge Sofia Maria Hayat finally comes clean on her relationship with cricketer Rohit Sharma. The media was abuzz with the news that the two were dating each other but neither confirmed on the same. However, yesterday (28 October 2012), Sofia, who has also done a Bollywood film Dairies of Butterfly, tweeted, “Ok let's put the rumours to end..yes I dated rohit sharma.. now it's over.. I wouldn't date him again..this time I'm looking for a gentleman.”

    Post the tweet, we contacted Sofia and sought to find out more. This international actress cum singer said, “Yes…we (Rohit and her) met a year ago. It was going well till the time press found out and he freaked out. He responded by saying I was a fan. This behavior disappointed me for he had no decency to even call me before saying so.”

    So what is your current status? “I haven't called him since it all came out; honestly I am not interested anymore. Having said that… I'm going to be respectful and not say what happened between us, but I just wish he could have been more of a gentleman.”

    Sofia has twice mentioned that Rohit is not a gentleman…wonder what Rohit has to say about it...



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