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    Default Madhura Naik gets stalked

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    Being popular and gorgeous comes with a price, the price of having a stalker! Recently TV actress and host of the upcoming show Superdude, Madhura Naik started receiving calls from a private number repeatedly, according to a source from the crew of her upcoming show Bindass’ Superdude.

    The stalker claims to have fallen in love with Madhura during the auditions for Superdude. Things became really uncomfortable for the lass when besides the calls there came in letters and even an engagement ring. According to a source from the sets of Superdude the stalker stated in letters that "although he didn't want to hurt anybody, he would do anything to get Madhura".

    Madhura was quite terrified thinking he is watching her at all times," said the source. A terrified Madhura was contemplating getting help from the police….but the calls and the gifts stopped and she dropped the idea of taking any action.

    We wonder how Madhura’s boyfriend Karan Kundra deals with all the attention his pretty lady gets from her admirers.

    Superdude is all set to hit the screens from 27 October (2012).



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