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    Default Madhura Naik says, Indian men are not upto the mark

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    The pretty actress Madhura Naik is excited about her upcoming Bindass reality show Super Dude Season 2. Madhura has a dual role to play in the series, as she is not only hosting the show but will also sit as judge along with British actress Sofia Maria Hayat and Ashmit Patel.

    Talking about the men of today, Madhura is frank enough to say, “Indian men especially the ones I have met really need grooming as they lack confidence. Some of them are also ill-mannered and do not know how to behave with a lady and this is where we will come in handy. Having said this, I will not say all men are bad, it depends from person to person.”

    When asked to comment on the quality of contestants Sofia and Ashmit have unearthed from the three city auditions in Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh she says, “They are not upto the mark and that is why they are coming to the show.”

    On the kind of man who can successfully woo her, Madhura states, “Somebody who is intelligent enough to hold a conversation, as I just do not go for good looks.”

    When asked about Ashmit being regarded as a flirt by Sofia, the actress gives her point of view, “No, he did not try any lines on me; we are good friends and have a blast.” So does that mean that she would go out on a date with him? “Why not, can’t I go out on a date with a friend?.”

    Finally, when asked about her relationship status, Madhura was quick to say, “I am seeing someone, but cannot give you any details. All I can say is that he is an actor.”



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