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    Default 'The format of this show is different'- Sofia Hyatt

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    Sofia Hayat and Ashmit Patel to host Super Dude on UTV Bindass. Sofia speaks on her experience of hosting the show....

    Sofia Hayat, British Indian actress and singer is all ready to host Super Dude on UTV Bindass. This show is a sequel to SuperStud School Of Flirt on the same channel- only it is going to be bolder and more provocative this time.

    Sofia Hayat says, "The format of this show is different. We travelled to Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai for the auditions. The boys in these three cities were quite different."

    On asking what Sofia's role on the show will be, she says, "I will put them through the tasks and give them both advice and practical training."

    Regarding the participants on the show Sofia explains, "All the boys who were chosen had something in them. They were good already but needed some grooming to make them even better at flirting." Sofia and Ashmit Patel will help the boys to better their already good flirting skills.

    Sofia had great fun doing the show. She elaborates, "I have been acting, singing, dancing, crying and shouting on the show. It was great fun to have good looking boys to flirt with you and get paid for it."

    Regarding his co-host Ashmit Patel, Sofia says, "He is a great flirt and very cheeky. In fact Ashmit Patel was looking down my cleavage every moment."

    Sofia however says that at times Ashmit 'annoyed' her when he suggested elimination of some boys who according to Sofia were quite good. That is when both fought. "During the course of the show Ashmit and I would love and hate one another," says Sofia.

    Sofia doesn't think that a flirting based show like this has a negative social message. In fact she says that she feels proud to be a part of a show which according to her will impart a positive social message. She is of the opinion, "In India many guys just don't know how to approach girls. It's sad to hear of molestation cases on trains. This show will teach guys on how to approach women."

    Sofia feels that this show will ultimately benefit women. She says, "I am not only sexy but intelligent too- my perspective from a woman's point of view on how to flirt will be very helpful. Men should learn how to properly flirt with women. Coming from the U.K I am shocked as to see how some obnoxious Indian men look down upon women and treat them like second class citizens. This show will train men how to approach women paying due respect to a woman's dignity."



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