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    Default Today girls have changed a lot, they do stuff what you and I can't even imagine: Gaurav Chopraa

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    Gaurav Chopraa, who hosts Big Switch on Bindaas, is quite excited and kicked with the way his show is shaping up.

    “The youth today is very smart and know their minds. You need to win their respect to make them do what you want, lest they will show you their middle finger. I was quite honest and upfront with them,” says Gaurav.

    He also declares that this show is not heavily edited. “What you see is what we actually shot. This format of putting rich kids in poor situation is not one that allows for too much of a copy paste job. You can only show a heavily loaded guy having little bit less moolah, but you can’t show him outright poor,” he avers.

    How do the kids react? “Well in one episode, I made them do road building work and at the end, the back breaking efforts. I paid them 200 bucks what normal workers get and you should have seen their faces. During the course of the show, many contestants realized just how lucky they have been and since then have tried to mend their ways. One father was so overwhelmed by the changes in his son that he touched my feet. I told him Sir don’t do that, your son changed himself. Just try to make sure that he does not go down that route again,” Gaurav observes.

    But the ratings of Big Switch have dipped a bit? “Well, the sad part of a youth reality shows is that the content, which has lots of voyeurism and fights, tends to sell more and we don’t have that in Big Switch. Whatever aggression we show is real and not contrived. Shows like MTV Splitsvilla have loads of sexual connotation and it is a well-known fact that Emotional Atyachaar gets more ratings for episodes which have higher doses of physicality,” he maintains.

    Here he adds that the contestants in other reality shows act more aggressive and brash than they really are, in an attempt to look cool and get their fifteen seconds of fame. “What I really feel is that in a country like India, the real heroes are not those who overdose on testosterones and adrenaline rush, but the ordinary guy on the street who struggles to make his two ends meet,” he adds.

    Before concluding Gaurav says, “Today girls have also changed a lot, they do stuff what you and I will not even imagine. One girl sent me a message on my Facebook saying that since her family does not allow her to watch my show on TV after 9 pm, she watches the same on her phone. I wonder if her dad understands that she is spending more money on 3G data then cable.”



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