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    Default Pooja Sharma and Jaideep Suri in Sony TV's Bhanwar

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    Sony Entertainment Television will present a hard hitting episode about a family feud in its show Bhanwar. The episode to be produced by Sunrise Productions will feature Pooja Sharma and Jaideep Suri.

    The episode will have Pooja and Jaideep playing Surbhi and Vinay, who will be in love with each other. Having a major class difference between the two, their love story will halt when Surbhi’s parents will marry her off to a rich Dubai based businessman.

    When the girl will visit her hometown post marriage she will show off about her husband’s richness making her father and husband hatch a devious plan. They would murder her husband and put the blame on Vinay. But even before the murder case would take its way forward, Vinay would also be found dead.

    How the law would manage to solve the case will be for viewers to see.

    We spoke to Jaideep who shared, “It was a wonderful experience shooting for the episode and the team was a very supportive one. The episode is thought provoking as I feel that a family ruining their own daughter’s life for money is really disturbing.”

    We could not reach Pooja.

    The episode will air this Saturday (7 February).

    Pooja is known for her role in Ruk Jaana Nahi and Jaideep was last seen in Shastri Sisters.



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