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    Default Sandeep out, Rohitashv Gour in; Rashami Desai to get replaced in Zee &ís Bhabhiji?

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    Edit IIís upcoming show, Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai, on the to-be-launched channel Zee & has already made headlines for its interesting casting. Recently, the news of Rashami Desai finally getting her on-screen husband in F.I.R. actor Sandeep Aanand was reported.

    But now, it looks as though there have been further developments as regards the casting for Rashamiís husband in the show which is loosely based on the popular sitcom, Shrimaan Shrimati.

    Well, the exclusive news that we have hit upon is that seasoned actor Rohitashv Gaur, who played the central role in SAB TVís Lapataganj, has been roped in to replace Sandeep. Apparently, he happens to be the third man selected for the role, but this time he is locked and things are pretty much sealed as per his character. As per the plot, the male characters are equally strong like their female counterparts, thus Rohitashv was brought in due to his acting dexterity.

    Well, this is good news for Rohitashv fans who missed him after his stint of being the Ďfoster fatherí in Sony PALís Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi ended.

    But now, with Rohitashv coming in, there seems to be a new problem that has erupted for the maker and channel.

    As per a reliable source, ďThe onscreen pair of Rohitashv and Rashami Desai does not seem to pack a punch, considering the age difference that the actors have. This has created a confusion of sorts for the maker, and they are now contemplating to replace Rashami in order to solve the problem. Though the likelihood of Rashami being replaced is high, it is also heard that the maker and channel will get into a final talk with the actress very soon, before taking the final decision.Ē

    We will surely keep you updated on the developments here.

    Meanwhile, we tried to talk to Rashami on this confusion, and she said, ďI think you need to call the Producers and ask this question. They are the ones making the show, and they will be better to answer this.Ē

    On probed further on her status as regards the show, Rashami chose to be silent with the reply, ďNo comments.Ē

    Rohitashv when called said, ďI am not allowed to talk at the moment. You will have to wait till the channel gets launched officially.Ē

    Well, Rohitashvís reply does clearly indicate that he is surely on board!! As for Rashami, there seems to be some sort of a dejection hidden in her reply.

    Letís see if Rashami manages to be part of the show or not!!

    For the uninitiated, Shilpa Shinde and Asif Sheikh will play the other mature couple on the show.

    We tried buzzing Producer Benaifer Kohli for a confirmation on this, but did not get any revert.

    We also tried approaching the channel spokesperson, but failed in our attempts.

    We will keep track of this news and keep you updated.



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