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    Default BIG Magic's Beta Hi Chahiye team shifts to a bigger set

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    BIG Reliance Productions’ Beta Hi Chahiye on BIG Magic will see a set change in the upcoming episodes of the show. However, the ‘funny part’ here is that this set change will happen for no rhyme or reason.
    Yes, the production house has just decided on turning their set grander without even incorporating the same in their storyline.

    So what all is about to change?

    Well, the audiences will witness a two floored set instead of the regular one-floored one. The area of the set too will increase. However, the location of both the new and old set is in Madh Island, Malad (Mumbai).

    Furthermore, the team has also worked on the looks of their actors.

    Thus, now Ankita Bathla who plays the male lead in the show will be seen wearing Chinese collared- bright coloured shirts in place of the checks and lined shirts.

    Lead girl Garima Tiwari will be free of her “jewellery burden”. The actress has been wearing a lot of accessories which will be minimal from now on.

    When contacted Ankit he said, “We do not know the reason as to why the change is happening but, I am happy to be shifting to the new set as it opens right in front of the beach (Aksa beach).”

    The cast and crew moved to the new set on 6 September 2013.



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