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    Default Baby Singh is here in Best of Luck Nikki

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    Nikki’s birthday is around the corner, and looks like the celebrations are about to get even more special. Excitement is sky high in the Singh household, as Himani goes into the final stage of labour and prepares to give birth to the newest member of the family in Disney Channel’s Best of Luck Nikki Season 3.

    But nothing in the Singh family unfolds as planned, and this time around things will be no different.

    Avatar will realize that it’s time to buy a new family car so the new baby can fit and will decide to take Rohan & Sunny along with him. But the new car will turn out to be a tad too big for the garage, and in his attempt to fit, Avatar will end up crashing the car.

    Time’s up and Himani would need to be rushed to the hospital, and it’s Dolly who has to drive her to the hospital. But things go awry when the car runs out of fuel. But wait…Is that an ice cream truck on the way?

    Watch as the mayhem culminates to create perhaps one of the most entertaining stories for one of the most anticipated characters in Best of Luck Nikki.

    Catch this one hour special episode on 18 August at 10 30am.



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