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    Siddhanta - A Love Story (2012) - 1CD DVDRip - x264 AC3 700MB - [DDR]

    Nabanita, a Revolutionary, gets directions to assasinate the Minister Amiya Sengupta who is likely to come to a village Rangapota to give a speech. To her astonishment, Amiya turns out to be none other than Anjan, her one time lover and the man instrumental in initiating her into politics. She recalls the heady days of her college life, of her time with Anjan, their dreams of life together, the revoloutionary zeal of Anjan and their mentor Abani and Mahadeb. And then his sudden disappearance only to emerge as Amiya Sengupta, the powerful politician and to her party, a class enemy. Whether because she hates his politics or because she hates him for leaving her, Nabanita resolves to kill 
    Anjan herself. The day of the speech arrives and they are all prepared...
    I picked up the film because I thought that the theme was unusual. Very few films have explored the 
    lives of militatnts or their ideology and the impact they have had in rural Bengal. But the film was a huge disappointment. There is absolutely no serious attempt to explore the lives and the ideology. 
    The little glimpses we get are artificial and completely stupid. As a love story too, it is just a series of flashbacks and the end is completely corny...
    Acting for the most part is wooden - Rimjhim is far too sweet to be a revolutionary and even 
    Sabyasachi cannot resurrect the film. He looks thouroughly uncomfortable in the role. The only slightly believable character is Sumanta as the opportunistic politician. Direction is pedestrian and the screenplay atrocious. Artwork reflects tollywood and not the revolutionary. It was amusing to see a picture of Rabindranath adorning the room of a revolutionary. Camera work does capture North Bengal and its greenery and this is perhaps the only redeeming feature. Despite the many renowed singers and a new rendering of "We Shall Overcome"music is somewhat jarring. Not a film I would recommend unless you like Rimjhim and are a die-hard romantic...
    Uploader's Notes:
    The rip is fairly ordinary. Not one of my better ones. Some will have a little problem with the strange frame size. I found that this was the most acceptable compromise as some parts of the film had distorted images. I have just kept the original soundtrack.



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