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    Default Bengalis from the TV fraternity swoon over Bhooter Bhobishyot

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    Bhooter Bhobishyot is a must watch. The movie which took Bengal by storm after its release on 16 March 2012 was later released in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. And guess what? It is running packed houses in the maximum city. Directed by Aneek Dutta, Bhooter Bhobishyot (Future of the Past) is actually a ghost story which has been made on a rather lighter vein and satirical note. If one is a Satyajit Ray fan, than after watching Bhooter, one will realise that it is a sort of tribute replete with references to Ray. The movie is woven majestically wherein past, present and future merge in dazzling disregard for the “normal”. Starring the likes of Sabyasachi Chakraborty, George Baker, Parambrata Chatterjee of Kahaani fame, the movie has also created quite a buzz amongst the Bengalis in the Hindi television fraternity.

    Producer Siddharth Basu (Big Synergy) saw the movie and shared with us, “Bhooter Bhobishyot is a super ghost story, with crackingly clever writing, a zany plot, a colourful cast of characters, wonderfully performed, who often effortlessly speak in verse, and a story that slips in and out of time zones a la Woody Allen. It’s a film that’s European in spirit, witty and sharp in contemporary comment, yet is anything but art house, with a deft story line, characters you connect and laugh with, interesting music of different genres, an item song and dance, et al. It’s a rib tickler that works at various levels, with moments, lines, characters and situations that linger long in your mind. All in all it’s a cinema treat, a comedy par excellence.”

    Tina Dutta aka Iccha of Uttaran said, “I am in Delhi and busy with work. But yes, the movie has created quite a buzz in the market and it is being said to be a trendsetter for Bengali cinema. I will definitely watch it in the next few days.”

    Beautiful and gracious Sayantani Ghosh (seen in Meri Maa) is also quire eager to watch the flick. “Yes, I have heard a lot about the movie from my friends staying in Kolkata. It has released in Mumbai and I am looking forward to watch it. I have not yet got time but will do it for sure in the coming days. I have seen the promos and they are wonderfully made. Hats off to Soumo (Ganguly, the producer and distributor of the film) for producing such a movie.”

    Rupali Guha (producer of Uttaran) thoroughly enjoyed the movie. “It broke all stereotypes-right from the title to the casting to the songs, to the execution. The film was par excellence in every department. The director has done a fantastic job. Simple films are the most difficult to make. I congratulate producer Soumo Ganguly, who is a good friend of mine."

    Sexy and sultry Reshmi Ghosh said that she has been busy shooting but has heard a lot about the movie. “I have learned that it is a very sensible comedy with wonderful performances. I will watch it in a day or two.”

    Hmm…it seems that everyone is excited about Bhooter Bhobishyot. Do watch the flick at a theater near you and enjoy what is called “superb cinema”.



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