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    Default Bapi Bari Jaa (2012) | DVD | x720p HD Quality| DTS-5.1 Dolby Sounds | Bengali Movie Download

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    Cast: Arjun Chakrabarty as Bapi, Mimi Chakraborty as Dola, Shalmi Barman as Sheuli, Anindya Chatterjee as Jijo, Teesta as Hasna, Dhruvo as Riju, Abhrajit Chakraborty as Biltu, Bulbuli Panja as Biltu's wife, Abir Chatterjee as Bishe Da, Srijit Mukherji as Bishwayan Da.
    Direction: Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romantic
    Audio/Video Info: Scren- 720x320 .Size- 1.23GB. Audio- AC3. 48000Hz. Audio- ACC. 48000Hz

    Movie Plot
    Five childhood friends, Bapi, Dola, Jijo, Hasna and Riju are just out of college who hangs out together. Bapi, the younger son of a rich jeweller in Kolkata happens to be the money contributors for his friends. While Bapi joins his family business, other friends are looking out for jobs. Jijo gets into a relationship with Hasna. Riju thinks that he is into a relationship with a girl five years older than him. One day Riju’s world was shattered when she introduced Riju to her fiancÚ, and calls him her brother. Riju got himself drunk, and all the friends left him alone outside the bar. While returning back from the pub with Dola, Bapi realised that he must have got some feelings for Dola. One day, when Dola came to Bapi’s house, he asked Dola who is Bishwayan da? They got into an argument and Bapi kissed Dola. Dola freed herself and told that they are just friends, but gave Bapi another kiss on his cheek. Further, she told that Bapi is not manly enough and lacks any mystery in his life. Another day Bapi’s sister-in-law found adult magazines and evidence of masturbation, asks Bapi’s elder brother to get Bapi married.
    Bapi went to see his prospective bride, where he meets Sheuli, a middle class girl. Sheuli asked Bapi, if he loves someone else. He confessed that he loves Dola. Sheuli told that she will help him to get Dola, but he must call off the marriage. Bapi introduced Sheuli to his friends. Dola seemed jealous about Sheuli and asked Bapi that this is not the ideal time to marry. Bapi gets a job of a salesman on the advise of Sheuli and struggles to impress Dola. In the mean time Sheuli and Bapi seems to fall in love with each other. Dola realised that she loves Bapi and wants to be with him. One day Bapi went to Sheuli’s home, where she asked him to stay away. It is seen that Sheuli meets her old boyfriend, who returned back to the city. Dola confessed her love before Bapi, and told him not to leave his salesman job.


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