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    Default Vikrant Massey is soon to get engaged to his long time girlfriend

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    The television industry has been abuzz with the news of Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo star Vikrant Massey making his Bollywood debut with upcoming flick Lootera being produced by Vikas Behl, Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. However, the news has somehow created a wrong notion in the minds of the TV producers as far as Vikrant’s television career is concerned. So he decided to clear the air in a candid chat with us.

    “It’s surprising how most of the television producers have this idea that I wouldn’t be doing TV anymore. I have always looked forward to good work and it does not matter if it’s on TV or films. In the past, I was offered TV shows like Aasman Se Aage and Jay Mehta’s next on Zee TV however I couldn’t take them up due to date issues. But strangely when I met a few TV producers in the last few days they said that they were of the idea that I have quit TV.”

    He further added, “I also want to clarify the myth that I will do only lead roles. If that would have been the case I wouldn’t have taken up Balika Vadhu.”

    Talking about Balika, we asked him if he regrets walking out of the show and he said, “Absolutely not. I was part of the soap for more than two years and when I planned to move on, I served a notice period of 90 days like a true professional.”

    The actor quit Balika mid way as he was offered Baba Aiso Var Dhoond on Imagine TV. But he went on to throw the towel soon after. So does he have commitment phobia? “Certainly not. If that would have been the case then I would not have done Balika for two years and Baba for 14-16 months. I have never just walked away from a show randomly, in fact, I have dealt with things very professionally. I wanted to continue with both Balika and Baba but that was not working out, hence I had to make a decision. As far as Baba is concerned I knew I wouldn’t be convincing enough as a father of a 20 year old so I decided to quit. But people thought otherwise. There were some who said I did not want to grey my hair had that been the case I would have not even played a father to a one year old in Balika.”

    Furthermore, we questioned him about his relationship status, which went from being in ‘a relationship’ to ‘single’ on FB recently. So what’s the real deal? “One of my fans sent me a link and since I am not that tech savvy I clicked it without thinking much. Soon after which my relationship status changed from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’. However, when I noticed it I changed it again to single. But by then a lot of people had already noticed it.”

    So are you single or in a relationship? “I am very much in a relationship. And I’ve been in a relationship with my girl for almost seven years and we are very happy together. However, I do not like talking about it much as it’s very personal.”

    But does he plan to take his relationship to the next level? “Yes, I am planning to get engaged to her sometime soon. And I do spend quality time with her whenever possible.”

    Finally, Vikrant ended by stating that he is looking for some good role on television. “I wouldn’t want to be a liability or responsibility on a show but would definitely like to take up something that will help me discover myself as an actor.”

    All the best, Vikrant!!



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